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5 Best Music streaming websites

Music has an important place in our lives because it shifts itself according to our mood. You may have seen that many songs get you into the mood for doing something that you felt you couldn’t do before. Music is available according to moods and we know that the songs you hear would certainly energize you.

But nowadays, finding music has become kind of difficult because the specific track you’re looking for, you can’t find it anywhere and even if you do, most of the times it turns out to be the wrong one.

Also, sometimes you can’t download any music track in your phone because you don’t have enough space for it where you can store and moreover you can’t delete anything in your phones because everything it contains is valuable. So what could you do in order to listen to your favorite music? Well we certainly suggest to visit websites where you can stream into your favorite music and listen to it anytime.

But it could be a bit difficult task too as some websites have a hidden fee that only discloses after you stream into songs, thus stealing your money. Also other websites may contain some malicious links which aren’t safe to visit or may be full of ads.
That’s why today we’ve brought you a list of five best websites where you can stream into your favorite music without having to worry anymore about downloads or anything else like hidden charges.

1) Spotify

Spotify is a very popular yet a free movie streaming site and one of the oldest music streaming websites for streaming music online. It has a great collection of more than 20 million songs for online listening from all popular genres and artist. You need to have an account to access the music collections of Spotify and stream into your favorite songs. It has free and paid memberships. Free membership no doubt provides free and unlimited access to songs but you’ve to bear the ads after every two or three songs.


All you favorite songs can be found in this music parody called Here you can find every song that you love to hear or are trying to listen for so long. The website also features the best songs of the week or a particular time and brings up latest and inspirational updates regarding the music artists. This website is actually an online radio station where you can create your own station by adding the genres you would like to listen. has an expansive collection of music which can be accessed by the user from all over the world.

3) Jango

Jango is a well-known music streaming website where you can listen to free music online without downloading anything or actually paying anything. The design of this music listening website is simple and easy to navigate and above all, user friendly. It has a good collection of songs from all popular genres and artist. You’ll simply love this website and its service.


This website is the most popular free music streaming websites with an amazing collection of all the latest songs from various singers. It has an interesting and user-friendly web design. You will get all the information and popular songs on its home page. It has a login and signup feature, but that is not compulsory. It also features free and premium account. As a free user you have to bear the ads and low quality audio whereas with a premium account, you will be able to unlock the high quality audios and ad free music experience.

5) iTunes Radio

This service needs no introduction. This service is exclusively available for iOS and Mac users and if you’ve any Apple product, then iTunes Radio is the perfect music choice for you as it won’t let you down. It has a music collection of more than 25 million songs and they update their library with each passing day. iTunes features both paid and free memberships. With free membership you will be allowed to use a bunch of free radio station with a six skips limit per hour per station. It even though is available for only iOS platforms but still it is a very famous music streaming service.

So this was our list of top music streaming websites. You can use these to listen to music on any of your devices.